For over 25 years, at Besser Vacuum we have been dedicated to the development and production of professional technologies for food excellence and sustainability, with the mission of making the food industry and catering more sustainable. Our complete solutions allow industry professionals to fully enhance the potential of their products and raw materials, through better preservation, the enhancement of organoleptic qualities, and waste reduction. Vacuum packaging is the basic procedure for effective food preservation, from which all the benefits of both organoleptic and management nature derive. It must, therefore, be carried out with effective and reliable tools. The Professional Plus vacuum machine line is the most comprehensive response to this need, with the addition of a set of functions and accessories capable of meeting every kind of technical requirement, from modified atmosphere preservation to rapid marinating.

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The Professional Plus line consists of five distinct models, each designed to adapt to the different needs of food industry professionals. Here’s a brief summary of each:

  • AUSTER+: (Scheda tecnica) This model is equipped with a 260mm sealing bar, making it ideal for more compact needs without sacrificing vacuum quality.
  • EOS+: (Scheda tecnica) With a longer sealing bar, 320mm, the EOS+ offers greater versatility for a wider range of products.
  • LEVANT+: (Scheda tecnica) This model offers a 365mm sealing bar, perfect for medium to large operations that require high-quality packaging. The LEVANT + is also available with the Printer option.
  • MISTRAL+:(Scheda tecnica) With a 420mm sealing bar, MISTRAL+ offers an excellent combination of size and versatility, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. It is also available with the printer and an additional sealing bar.
  • GHIBLI+(Scheda tecnica) The largest model, with a 520mm sealing bar, GHIBLI+ is designed to handle the most demanding operations. Like the MISTRAL+, it is available with a printer and an additional sealing bar.

Construction Features

At the base of the efficiency and reliability of the Professional Plus vacuum machines are a solid structural concept and the use of high-quality components, European made.

Here are the main features that make the machines in the Professional Plus line reliable and practical:

  • Robust chassis entirely in stainless steel Molded and rounded tank to facilitate cleaning and maintenance operations
  • Front control panel composed of an anti-infiltration membrane, designed to withstand moisture, dust, and wear High-quality thick plexiglass lid, rounded with a curvature designed to maximize its resistance and expand the capacity of the tank
  • German-made Busch® pumps for the highest reliability
  • Wireless sealing bars with customizable welding, for quick removal to facilitate cleaning, and replacement of the bar according to needs. Sealing bars are available in multiple versions depending on requirements
  • Tilting chassis: openable by removing a retaining screw, to further facilitate cleaning and maintenance operations Suction nozzle compatible with connection for vacuum tube in Gastronorm tray

Each of the above-mentioned models offers all the same high-quality structural features, differing only in the dimensions of the sealing bar and some optional features available only in the larger models, such as the double sealing bar and the printer.


To offer optimal packaging of all foods under various conditions, the “Professional Plus” line machines offer advanced functionality.

Thanks to the electronic vacuum sensor, capable of precisely detecting the level of vacuum in the chamber, they exercise precise control over vacuum cycles offering consequently different packaging and food treatment modes, such as soft vacuum, extra vacuum, and marinating. The machine’s electronic board also allows the registration of 20 customizable vacuum programs, easily activated when needed according to the food to be preserved or treated.

  • The Soft Vacuum is a function that consists of the completion of the vacuum cycle in different aspiration phases, giving time for the food to adapt to the decreasing pressure, thus reducing the cold boil of liquids and the possible leakage of the same from the bag. This function is useful for the degassing of shellfish, for fillings, emulsified creams, liquids with a strong alcoholic component, and much more.
  • Marinating alternates vacuum phases with rest phases, speeds up the osmosis process considerably obtaining in half an hour results equal to 8-12 hours of traditional marinating.
  • The Extra Vacuum is a function that allows the food to be kept longer in the 99.9% vacuum environmental condition, so as to extract all the possible air before the bag is sealed. This function is useful with particularly difficult-to-vacuum products, such as minced meat.

Options and Accessories

In addition, the machines of the Professional Plus line are available with options and accessories that make extra functions available, designed for specific needs.

The sealing bars, for example, are available in multiple versions, depending on the requirements:

  • Standard, with a wide 5mm sealing resistance
  • Double, for greater safety on vacuum seal (2×4 mm)
  • With Cutting Scrap, to eliminate the excess film once sealing has occurred (1×4 mm sealing + 1×1 mm scrap)
  • With Convex Sealing (like a “donkey’s back”) for polythene film and particularly large bags

The adhesive label printer for food tracking

The printer option is available on the LEVANT+, MISTRAL+, and GHIBLI+ machines, and its purpose is to allow the printing of one or more adhesive labels at a time, with important indications on the packaged product. It is a thermal printer of food labels: it facilitates product traceability operations thanks to the printing of data related to the packaging carried out (product name, date and time of packaging, product expiration, program used, ingredients).

Soft Air

The Soft Air option consists of a valve installed in the air re-emission duct in the vacuum chamber, has the function of modulating the air return inside the dome at the end of the vacuum cycle, reducing the effects, unwanted for some foods, of immediate product compression in the bag.

Vacuum in Gastronorm Trays

When the need is to vacuum food in a tray, it is enough to buy the compatible external suction tube and the Gastronorm trays with the lid equipped with a suction valve. With a special function of the machine, you can start the suction and connect the tray to be vacuumed, monitoring the progress via the vacuum meter on the control panel.

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In conclusion, the Professional Plus line from Besser Vacuum embodies excellence in the field of professional vacuum packaging machines, offering a complete and highly customizable response to the needs of every food industry professional.

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