The proper storage of food supplies is a fundamental aspect of every catering business, it affects the most important areas of the business itself, allowing, for example, compliance with high-quality standards in service and the economic benefits linked to well-planned purchases.
The technique that allows the most flexible management of food stocks, conserving them for a long time and storing them safely is definitely vacuum packing.

The benefits that can be obtained through correct vacuum food storage belong to three main areas, the operational one concerning food management, the qualitative one concerning the service offered, which is important both in terms of customer relations and in terms of respecting the required hygiene standards, and the ethical one which corresponds to a reduction in food waste through conscious and careful use of resources.

Vacuum storage facilitates stock management to high quality standards, brings economic benefits to many aspects of the business and minimises food waste.


The Besser Vacuum solutions for professional vacuum packing:


Food management

Correct Food Management is a fundamental procedure in the foodservice industry and starts with the optimization of the food supply and conservation processes.

A key technique to achieve results in this area is vacuum storage, as with it stocks maintain their freshness for longer and require less handling. Thanks to vacuum storage, it is also possible to portion stocks into bags in such a way that the shelf life of the entire packaged item is not compromised when consuming a part of it. This does not happen, for example, with traditional tray storage where every time the tray is opened, the food comes into contact with external agents that are harmful to its condition.

With vacuum packing, thanks to longer shelf life and the possibility of a strategic portioning of stocks, it is possible to obtain important economic advantages as a consequence of:

  • More advantageous purchasing methods
  • More efficient and streamlined service management

Organoleptic quality and safety of the food served to customers

The removal of oxygen, which occurs together with 99% of the air in the bag, has the following effects:

  • It stops oxidation processes
  • It slows down bacterial proliferation almost completely
  • It prevents the growth of aerobic molds

These processes are for the most part the main cause of altered flavors, colors, and textures in food. Under normal circumstances, with traditional preservation techniques, they take place very quickly.

Vacuum packaging also allows for perfect compliance with hygiene regulations regarding the management of food stocks, handling foodstuffs in a practical and safe manner, keeping foodstuffs perfectly separated, and thus avoiding the risk of inter-contamination.

Circular Economy and respect for the environment

In the last decade, the plastic issue has been in the spotlight of most countries around the world.

Unfortunately, its use is almost unavoidable in vacuum storage, and this may put the technique itself into a bad light. However, when assessing the environmental impact of vacuum food preservation, we have to weigh up also the various advantages it brings, first and foremost the possibility of significantly reducing food waste, the consequences of which affect the entire food chain from production to distribution.

Food waste is one of the main causes of pollution, wasting the work of a large part of the supply chain and making the resulting environmental impact senseless and avoidable, in addition to the environmental impact of food disposal.

The adoption of an economic system based on virtuous behavior, the so-called Circular Economy, is the only sustainable approach that can be adopted today to limit the environmental impact of consumption. This approach requires maximizing the recycling of materials and limiting waste as much as possible. In a context like the food industry, where food degradation inevitably generates waste, there is no alternative to proper storage to achieve this outcome. At the same time, thanks to new material technologies, it has become possible to vacuum-pack and also cooks food with 100% recyclable bags.


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