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A wide range of high-quality products to get the best from vacuum cooking at low temperature, at home and in the most advanced professional kitchens.

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Each Besser Vacuum’s machine gets through strict quality controls carried out by our specialized technicians, to always ensure the maximum efficiency and reliability.



Machines designed to get the best from domestic sous-vide cooking, suitable also for professionals with limited needs.


Thermal immersion circulator made of stainless steel for home use, ideal for low temperature vacuum cooking. Ergonomic, easy to use, suitable for all heat-resistant containers capable of holding up to 12l. This machine is dedicated to purely domestic use.

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The new thermal immersion circulator for sous-vide cooking is entirely made of stainless steel (Aisi 304), designed for domestic sous-vide cooking enthusiasts, equipped with an LCD touch screen and a Bluetooth system that allows the remote monitoring of the cooking process through an interactive mobile phone App. It is suitable for all heat-resistant containers capable of holding up to 25l.

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Professional thermal immersion circulators for sous-vide cooking, designed to deal with large volumes of work ensuring consistency and accuracy in the results.
Technologically advanced, developed to save time and offer, even when mobile, maximum control over cooking processes.


Professional, reliable and durable thermal immersion circulator. Stainless steel body (Aisi 304), LCD display to manage cooking time and water temperature, 10 integrated programs to reproduce your successful recipes with probe to the heart for precise, uniform and reproducible cooking. It is suitable for all heat-resistant containers capable of holding up to 50l.

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Professional thermal circulator for sous vide cooking made in stainless steel (Aisi 304), metal touch screen, LCD display for cooking time display, offset for water temperature control and precision core probe, integrated App that allows remote Wi-Fi control up to a maximum of 10 machines at the same time, program that allows you to work with several cooking phases, delayed start to optimize time and costs.

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The core probe is a food temperature detection instrument, composed of an extra-fine needle and a safety cap you use to cover the needle after its use. This probe allows you to get directly to the core of the product ensuring an accurate and timely measurement during the sous vide cooking process.


Anti-evaporation polypropylene spheres for sous vide cooking including a practical bag. They are suitable for heat-resistant containers and/or pots for domestic use and they prevent the evaporation of water during the cooking process. These spheres allow a quick reaching of cooking temperature (up to 40% faster than traditional methods), limiting heat loss and energy consumption. They are made of a non-toxic material, BPA FREE, dishwasher-safe, resistant to high temperatures, and reusable for multiple cooking processes.


Neoprene is a rubbery and flexible material and it is available in strips. You stick it on the vacuum bag in case of temperature detection by the core probe, and it avoids air entry during the insertion and extraction of the probe. Neoprene ensures excellent vacuum tightness thanks to high heat resistance and proven insulating capacity.

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